Overcoming Shyness

My GEMS Adventure

Written By: Avni Balnarayan, Grade 8

I remember vividly my first day at GEMS. Growing up, I was a shy child who struggled to make friends. But I saw the face of my teacher, who showed me around the class. I recall seeing my peers, and they all greeted me warmly. Let's go to the beginning of my story. Hello! My name is Avni Balnarayan, and I am currently in Grade 8G2. Growing up, socialising and public speaking were not easy for me. I was very shy and quiet. I recall how all the other kids were painting while I refused to let go of my mother's hand. But then, a little girl greeted me with a warm smile and invited me to paint with her. The next thing I knew, at home time, I didn't want to leave!

Once I got home from my first day at school, I couldn't stop talking about how much fun my first day was. I was initially reluctant to go, but eventually, I did, and it became a memory I will never forget. As the years passed, I met more people who became a part of my social circle. I met many kind and devoted teachers who worked hard, as well as kind and supportive peers.

As I got older, I shifted my focus towards those who cared about me—my true best friends whom I can trust.

And till today, many new memories have been made and will continue to be made.

GEMS has always been, and forever will be, a second home for me.