At GEMS Westminster School - RAK, learning is an entire experience. At the core of our studies is a well-developed curriculum, teaching students the fundamental concepts they must know to grow to be innovators. But beyond this, we believe in the importance of contextual learning, wherein students graduate from simply ‘knowing’ what to do and discover how to ‘use’ this knowledge, and it is this discovery that opens the doors of possibility.

Our programme of learning embodies the GEMS Education core values and ensures that students receive a high-quality education in a happy, supportive and nurturing environment, where they are encouraged to explore everything the world has to offer.

GEMS Westminster School teachers plan challenging, well-organised, interesting lessons with good pace, and incorporate a range of teaching and Assessment for Learning pedagogies. There are regular opportunities for leadership, decision-making and problem solving, and pupils are encouraged to take an active role in the learning opportunities they encounter. All staff have high expectations of both pupils and each other.