Primary Applications


Rosen Level up (Reading program)

Rosen LevelUp acts as an extensive adaptive reading platform that brings together educators and students in an interactive learning environment, fostering the enhancement of students' literacy abilities. It Provides assistance for both small-group and whole-class teaching, along with customised individual practice, Rosen LevelUp guarantees a personalised learning journey for every student.


Learning by Question

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is an educational classroom tool. It helps teachers enhance their effectiveness by identifying which students require assistance and which concepts need to be addressed during lessons. Students advance at their own pace through top-quality question sets and receive instant automated feedback as they respond. Teachers obtain real-time analysis, and the results are stored to aid in assessment and planning.


Education City

EducationCity is completely in line with the National Curricula across the UK for children aged 3-12, encompassing the fundamental subjects of English, Maths, and Science.


TT Rock Star

Times Tables Rock Stars cultivates assured and capable mathematics learners by establishing a firm foundation in swift multiplication and division recall. It presents a meticulously structured regimen of daily practice sessions for times tables, all with a vibrant rock star theme. A significant portion of mathematical topics relies on multiplication proficiency, and a lack of quick recall can impede children's progress. This deficiency may also impact students' self-assurance in mathematics or instill anxiety about their capabilities. Teaching advanced mathematical concepts becomes challenging when students lack basic skills, like times tables recall, making it an indispensable component of primary maths lessons.