My Journey with Business and Technology

Written By: Leen Shehada, Grade 8

Embarking on my journey as a student, I have encountered a world filled with fabulous adventures. Despite numerous obstacles, I have welcomed every challenge with resilience and determination. From learning new things to making lasting friendships, my time as a student has been amazing. By staying determined and positive, I have turned every challenge into a chance to grow, creating many unforgettable moments and achievements.

In this article, I will first discuss the concept of business and then explore the role of technology and its applications, especially in an educational context.

What is Business?

Business refers to activities involved in making, buying, or selling goods or services to earn a profit. It encompasses everything from creating products and marketing them to managing money and people.

What is Technology?

Technology involves tools and systems developed through scientific knowledge to solve problems and enhance efficiency. It helps by automating tasks, connecting people globally, providing access to vast amounts of information, improving business operations, sparking innovation, and enabling businesses to reach more customers online. Essentially, technology makes life and business easier and more interconnected.

Business and Technology in School

Embarking on a term filled with joy, fulfillment, and achievements, the study of business has become indispensable in my life. Every moment in our class was precious, brimming with valuable information and engaging interactions, facilitated by technology. Through its assistance, I enhanced my skills in writing, analysis, communication, and more.

Technology proved instrumental in my deep understanding and application of one of my favorite topics: recruitment and selection. I effortlessly related theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios, gaining a clear grasp of the nuances between different methods.

Moreover, technology played a crucial role in building my future career path. It enabled me to navigate the creation of resumes and understand the intricacies of recruitment and selection processes with ease. In conclusion, technology has significantly facilitated the acquisition and comprehension of information, making it an indispensable tool in our educational journey.