My Journey in Model United Nations

Written By: Shekha Mehra, Grade 4

On February 10th, 2024, in the heart of Dubai, amid the bustling cityscape, my journey in Model United Nations (MUN) began. The air buzzed with anticipation as delegates from around the globe gathered for a week of diplomacy and debate.

Representing South Africa, I focused on SDG 4 – Quality of Education. Beyond the committee sessions, engaging with fellow delegates revealed a tapestry of perspectives. Cultural exchanges enriched the discourse, underscoring the interconnectedness of global education challenges.

Highs: Picture the adrenaline as our team clinched a resolution, uniting diverse perspectives into a cohesive plan for global change. Cheers echoed in the committee room, forging bonds that transcended borders.

Lows: Yet, the path was not without challenges. A heated debate left my arguments tangled, the weight of diplomacy pressing on my shoulders. The setback taught me resilience, a vital lesson in the unpredictable realm of international relations.

Everything In Between: Amid cultural exchanges and intense negotiations, friendships flourished. The mosaic of opinions painted the conference, unveiling the power of dialogue in shaping a shared future.

As the sun set on the final day, the memories lingered. MUN in Dubai was more than a competition; it was an enlightening journey, weaving tales of triumph, tribulation, and the profound connections forged in the pursuit of global understanding.

Our school, GEMS WSR, secured a place in the top 10. It was a beautiful day filled with memories, marking a significant educational experience in my life.