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Admissions Policy
The admissions process has been designed to make certain that students are appropriately placed at GEMS Westminster School Ras Al Khaimah, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the school program and policies. Proper placement will ensure that those students admitted have a higher probability of a successful learning experience and outcomes. The Admissions Team is committed to working together with families in determining the educational placement that is best for each student, be that at Westminster School or elsewhere.

The enquiry for admission is via OASIS, an online GEMS registration tool. Access to the OASIS system is located on the GEMS Education website, as well as, each individual school website. A student’s application will pass through different stages facilitated by effective communication, between parents and Westminster School’s admission team.

Screening / Assessment
The School may undertake screening and assessments to determine the right placement of an applicant.  The screening and assessment of a student will be determined by the admission committee, and will be necessary to complete the registration process for the school.  Once this step has been completed, a student may be offered a seat, placed on the waitlist, or denied.

Educators recognise that there is a wide range of behaviour and performance within any grade or year. The admission process includes academic and developmental assessments to identify those students most likely to benefit from our program. We understand that children have different learning needs and challenges, and our teachers are qualified to help each child succeed through differentiation of instruction and assessment and attention to the learning styles of students.

Age Requirements
To meet the age requirements of the admission policy for GEMS Westminster Ras Al Khaimah, a student must have turned the age listed next to the grade level by September 1st of the Academic Year.  


Age (years)



Age (years)




Grade 4

8 - 9




Grade 5

9 - 10

Grade 1



Grade 6

10 -11

Grade 2



Grade 7

11 - 12

Grade 3

7 - 8


Grade 8

12 - 13




Grade 9

13 - 14



Grade Placement
GEMS Westminster School, RAK seeks to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student based on his or her age, as well as academic, social and emotional development within policy guidelines. For this reason, new students may be required to complete an appropriate level assessment to determine placement and fit.

Previous Schooling
All new students must provide official documentation of previous school experience, report card, and test scores. All documents provided must be in English. The school may request certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended to meet admission requirements.

School Tours
Our school tours are scheduled daily at 10 am. Bookings are not required, but please be prompt as late arrivals cannot be accommodated. We aim to be as flexible as possible so, if you would like to meet us outside of these times, please call us and we’ll do our best to meet your request. 



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