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Admissions Policy
The admissions process has been designed to make certain that students are appropriately placed at GEMS Westminster School Ras Al Khaimah, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the school program and policies. Proper placement will ensure that those students admitted have a higher probability of a successful learning experience and outcomes. The Admissions Team is committed to working together with families in determining the educational placement that is best for each student, be that at Westminster School or elsewhere.

The enquiry for admission is via OASIS, an online GEMS registration tool. Access to the OASIS system is located on the GEMS Education website, as well as, each individual school website. A student’s application will pass through different stages facilitated by effective communication, between parents and Westminster School’s admission team.

Screening / Assessment
The School may undertake screening and assessments to determine the right placement of an applicant.  The screening and assessment of a student will be determined by the admission committee, and will be necessary to complete the registration process for the school.  Once this step has been completed, a student may be offered a seat, placed on the waitlist, or denied.

Educators recognise that there is a wide range of behaviour and performance within any grade or year. The admission process includes academic and developmental assessments to identify those students most likely to benefit from our program. We understand that children have different learning needs and challenges, and our teachers are qualified to help each child succeed through differentiation of instruction and assessment and attention to the learning styles of students.

Age Requirements
To meet the age requirements of the admission policy for GEMS Westminster Ras Al Khaimah, a student must have turned the age listed next to the grade level by September 1st of the Academic Year.  


Age (years)



Age (years)




Year 4





Year 5


Year 1



Year 6


Year 2



Year 7


Year 3



Year 8


Grade Placement
GEMS Westminster School, RAK seeks to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student based on his or her age, as well as academic, social and emotional development within policy guidelines. For this reason, new students may be required to complete an appropriate level assessment to determine placement and fit.

Previous Schooling
All new students must provide official documentation of previous school experience, report card, and test scores. All documents provided must be in English. The school may request certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended to meet admission requirements.


Re-Enrolment for the academic year 2015/16

In order to secure your child’s place at GEMS Westminster School - RAK for September 2015, we will require a deposit of AED 500. This deposit is fully adjustable against the first terms fees but non-refundable should a student not take up the confirmed place in September.


The re-enrolment process must be completed through GLG and a deposit of AED 500 paid between 1st March – 12th April 2015. If you don’t indicate your intention by 12th April we cannot guarantee a place for your child in the academic year 2015/16.


Please follow the steps below for re-enrolment:


1.      Access GLG at or by copying the following link into your browser

2.      Use your GLG username to log in and either ‘gems2013’ password or the personal one you have reset yourself.

3.      Click ‘OASIS’ tab, select ‘Re-enrolment’ from the ‘Easy Access’ menu on the right hand side.

4.      Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.


Please do not arrive at accounts without having completed the above steps as the Cashiers will not be able to accept payment. Re-enrolment is confirmed only after the payment of AED 500 per child has been received. Our detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do the re-enrolment in GLG are attached.

Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the Ministry of Education due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance for the academic year 2014/15 (incl. 2nd term fees), will not be able to re-enroll for the next academic year. Please remember paying the 3rd term fees by 30 April 2015 otherwise if we can’t guarantee your child’s place in 2015/16.

If you require any further details regarding re-enrolment or have questions regarding the process, please contact our Admissions or Accounts offices.




اعادة التسجيل للعام الدراسي المقبل 2016/2015

من أجل ان تتمكنوا من حجز مقعد أطفالكم في مدرسة جيمس ويستمنستر لشهر سبتمبر من العام 2015 ، يجب عليكم دفع رسوم اعادة التسجيل وهي مبلغ 500 درهم في موعد أقصاه 12/ ابريل /2015 وهذا المبلغ سوف يقتطع بالكامل من رسوم الفصل الأول ولكن المبلغ غير مسترد في حال لم يلتحق الطالب بالمدرسة في شهر سبتمبر،

يجب أن تكتمل عملية إعادة التسجيل من خلال (GLG) و إيداع 500 درهم تدفع ما بين 1 مارس -12 أبريل عام 2015. وإذا لم تتبع المذكور أعلاه حتى تاريخ 12 أبريل 2015 فانه لا يمكننا أن نضمن مكانا لطفلك في العام الدراسي 2015 / 2016

يرجى اتباع الخطوات التالية لإعادة التسجيل:

1. الوصول GLG في أو عن طريق نسخ الرابط التالي في المتصفح .

2. استخدام اسم المستخدم GLG وكلمة السر للدخول 'gems2013 " أو كلمة السر الشخصية التي أعدت تعيينها بنفسك.

 3. انقر فوق كلمة "OASIS"، من قائمة "سهولة الوصول" حدد "-التحاق إعادة" على الجانب الأيمن.

4. اختار 'نعم' أو 'لا'.


من فضلك لا تراجع قسم الحسابات دون إكمال الخطوات المذكورة أعلاه كما ان الصرافون لن يقدرون على قبول الدفع. يتم تأكيد إعادة التسجيل بعد دفع 500 درهم للطفل الواحد. التعليمات المفصلة خطوة خطوة حول كيفية القيام بإعادة التسجيل في GLG مرفوقة بالكامل.


نحيطكم علماً، بأننا لن نقوم بإعادة تسجيل الطلاب الذين لم يتمكنوا من التسجيل رسمياً في وزارة التربية والتعليم بسبب عدم احضار كافة الوثائق المطلوبة، أو لم يقوموا بدفع الرسوم المستحقة عليهم للعام الدراسي 2014/15 (بما في ذلك رسوم الفصل الثاني)، يرجى تذكر دفع رسوم الفصل الثالث بتاريخ 30 أبريل 2015 على خلاف ذلك لن نتمكن من ضمان مكان طفلك في 2015/2016

إذا كان لديكم المزيد من الاستفسارات عن اعادة التسجيل نرجو منكم التواصل مع قسم التسجيل أو المحاسبة في المدرسة.


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