Our Principal says, "Welcome!"

Mr. Lachlan MacKinnon

Dear Parent(s),

It is with pleasure that I extend to you a warm welcome to the GEMS Westminster School Ras Al Khaimah (WSR) website.

GEMS Westminster School, Ras Al Khaimah, is a Foundation Stage (KG1) to Year 13 (Grade 12) School, teaching the National Curriculum for England including a range of IGCSE and A levels. We are proud to be one of the longest established GEMS School in RAK with an outstanding reputation for building excellence in everything we do. With more than 1500 students from over 90 different nationalities, the diversity of our students are one of our greatest strengths.

This year we have embarked on a new 70 million AED building plan that we envisage to be completed by the end of Term 1. The facilities and new learning zones will differentiate us from other schools in RAK. As the building grows so do the leadership opportunities for staff, students and parents leading us to cohesive community of people, helping us build ‘One Tribe, One Family’.

One Tribe, One Family is a key area that we focus on with our staff, students and parents. Tribes are all those informal and formal groups of people that have things in common. You are born into tribes, then join others by virtue of where you live, your career and your various activities. Being part of tribal groups enables you to interact with others and to make friends. It can give life meaning through a sense of belonging. The traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” has been widely quoted, our ‘village’, ‘Our Tribe’ has never been more necessary than it is today. We live in a fast-paced, instant information, and pressure-packed world. Today’s children are faced with a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. Navigating parenthood can be a daunting undertaking – partnerships and relationships are necessary to prepare our students for tomorrow.

School is a vital time in your children’s lives. It is when you place your children into the care of the school. Your children become our children. Whether you are starting new into our school or are old hands at the school. All of us are threaded together carefully with great consideration to make more sense of our potential and our purpose - by offering such amazing opportunities in which we will grow and join together. Our teachers are amazing – they, with parents, hold together the great plans, the great patterns for our children’s future.

Our individual qualities are shaped and combined in a happy caring and supportive environment, where we strive for excellence and enjoyment. We want school to be looked on from a distance as great fun. Good schools join areas of learning together so our minds can make sense of our world. WSR continually offers opportunities to find and build on our strengths - so we can feel confident to tackle our weaknesses and increase our minds to take in new challenges and interests. We unite people together in a caring community, so children and adults can share their dreams together and learn to build on their qualities with others side-by-side.

Building ‘Our Tribe’ will allow us to reach our potential as a community creating students that are resilient, persistent, organised and confident individuals.

I invite you to join us this year in building ‘One Tribe, One Family’ and welcome you to visit the school and become part of our journey.


Mr. Lachlan MacKinnon

Principal, GEMS Westminster School - Ras Al Khaimah